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Scammers using excitement surrounding COVID-19 vaccine to target Michigan residents

The delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in the state of Michigan is exciting and promising news for millions, but it’s also a call for scammers to try to capitalize on the moment.

Scams involving the COVID-19 vaccine have the attention of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

The first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses are rolling out to Michigan hospitals and clinics this week, and scammers know that.

Laura Blankenship, of the Better Business Bureau, said there have already been reports of seniors receiving bogus emails telling them they need to pay or offer personal information to get the vaccine.

That’s now how distribution of the vaccine will work, medical officials said.

Anyone who has questions about the vaccine or any suspicious contact about the distribution should contact a trusted medical professional.

You can watch the full Help Me Hank report in the video posted above.


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