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Rochester Hills restaurants turn to outdoor dining this holiday season

In midst of Michigan’s current COVID-19 restrictions, many Metro Detroit businesses are taking utilizing outdoor dining this holiday season.

While there is a Christmas atmosphere at the Village of Rochester Hills, things are different such as visiting Santa Claus by appointment at a 6-foot distance.

“It’s definitely beautiful out here,” said Cherie Milatz, of Sterling Heights. “And the kids are still excited to come out.

In the meantime, outdoor dining popped up this week at many of the restaurants at the Village.

Kruse & Muer has been getting by with carryouts. This week, it added a couple of tents to accommodate bigger crowds.

“We’ve got all of the Christmas lights up. While it may be a different feel, people are still excited that it’s the holidays,” said Zach Carlson with Kruse & Muer.

“It’s nice to get out on a night like this where the snow is coming down and you get to see Santa and all of the lights, and walk around,” said Bill Milatz of Sterling Heights.

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