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Police search for gunman who shot, killed 2 women on Detroit’s east side

Police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed two women Friday on Detroit’ east side.

“I mean we’re all upset. We’re confused. They were babies they were kids. They just lost their mother 10 month ago,” said Korlanos Todd.

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The news of what happened to Todd’s two nieces — 21-year old Shaniya Todd, who is a mother, and 18-year old Shakiya Todd — is taking a toll on him Friday night.

“Here we are. It’s a real tragic situation. She had a son. He’s like 5 or 6 years old. It’s just really bad,” Korlanos Todd said.

Police said an 18-year old man shot and killed the two women inside a home on West Lantz Street.

Officers said the shooting happened after an alleged altercation. Korlanos Todd said the victims were there to check on a woman who lived inside the home.

“What I’m hearing is there was an argument between people in the house and my nieces. Somebody in the house grabbed a gun and shot both of them and killed them. We never thought anything like this could happen. Complete shock. Utterly shock,” said Korlanos Todd said.

Now the family is just trying to figure out why,

“I’m just looking for some answers, because everyone wants to know what happened. Obviously, it’s not going to bring them back but it would bring us some clarity and closure,” Korlanos Todd.

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