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Experts warn of stimulus check scams — What to look for

The stimulus money would likely start making its way to you by the end of the year or early January, and scammers are already making their move for your money.

Kirk Cassidy is a financial expert and he’s seen these scams before.

“A lot of con-artists out there are going to calling, emailing, looking for your personal information. They don’t need you personal information, they don’t need your bank account numbers. They have everything they need to send you the money. I hope since they have the platform in place and they lay the groundwork, we’ll get it out quicker this time,” Cassidy said.

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Police are already tracking new scams. Seniors getting calls, email and text messages.

Unfortunately it worked during the last stimulus payout. Thousands of seniors scammed across the country.

If you got the last payout you will get this one. The IRS already has your information.

There is nothing more you need to do. So beware and be cautious.

“Make sure that you’re being very cautious anytime you’re receiving a text message or email as well. That you don’t click on any of the links within those messages,” said Melanie Duquesnel with the Better Business Bureau. “Either they’re hoping to get your money, or they’re hoping that you’re going to give your personal information.”


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