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Camera captures delivery driver take package he had just delivered to Warren home

Thomas Jaros’ doorbell camera captured an Amazon driver stealing a package that they had just delivered.

“I got an email,” Jaros said. “My package had been delivered and there was a picture that my package was on the doorstep.”

Jaros received the photo from Amazon to confirm that the items he ordered had been delivered to his mother’s home in Warren, but when he and his mother checked — the package was gone.

They decided to check the cameras they had set up around the house.

Jaros said he and his mother were shocked when they saw the Amazon driver walk up to the house, drop off the package, take a photo of the package and then picked it back up and walked away — all within 30 seconds.

Package theft is not an uncommon occurrence.

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The package contained bike hooks to hang Jaros’ bike in the garage.

Jaros said he took the footage with the Warren Police Department and made a police report. He said the officer told him there was nothing they could do at the time. Amazon said they would handle the matter internally.

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