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2020 has gone to the dogs: Michigan Humane Society sees increase in adoptions

It has been a strange and difficult year for many humans — but it has been a great year for dogs.

Humans who spent or still spend more time at home have been adopting dogs.

“We have an incredible demand at all four of our centers,” Matt Pepper with the Michigan Humane Society said. “We are doing between 150 and 200 adoptions in a week at the facility.”

The Michigan Humane Society is actually reaching out to other animal rescue leagues to import pets to be adopted out.

“Not only do we put out for adoption the animals that come to us,” Pepper said. “We pull animals from other shelters at risk. We’ll bring in other animals or they have the best chance for adoption right here in Metro Detroit.”

Ryan adopted the dog Ripley in June. Ryan still works full time but his wife is at home.

Because of a noticeable reduction in unwanted dog pregnancies, there was already a decline in dogs coming into the shelters. The Michigan Humane Society currently has a zero euthanasia rate for adoptable pets.

“It’s a better time to be a pet in a home but it’s a good time to be a pet in a shelter,” Pepper said.

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